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he Jews in Bedzin lived there from the beginning of the 13th century with a privilege from Polish king - Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great). Bedzin is one of the oldest cities in Poland. According to the Polish census in 1921 the town had a Jewish community of 17298 people (62 percent of the town population).

imcha Bunim Bonhard (sometimes written: Bonhardt, Bonhart) was one of the most important leaders of Hasidic Judaism in Poland. He was born around 1765-1767 (probably in 1765 in Wodzislaw or Bedzin), passed away on September 04, 1827 (12 Elul 5587 in Hebrew Calendar) in Przysucha, Poland. He lived some time in Bedzin where he got his wife Rivka (Rywka), who was born in Bedzin. He wrote no books, but many of his teachings were collected in the book 'Kol Simcha' published in Hebrew. He was vegetarian.

The main rules of the teaching are:
1. Searching for truth (asking questions, reflection, introspection, passion for truth)
2. Authenticity (the source of it is within the heart, seek and search in your own soul). Do not search the truth by imitating others, but by going inside of own inner being). The treasure is inside of you. Be true to yourself.
3. Self-Knowledge (if you want to know the universe, first you need to know who you are). Only if you have understanding of yourself you can come to the value of personal authenticity
4. Independence (the role of the Tzaddik is to help the person developing own sense of autonomy and to have own responsibility as a student of the Przysucha school). Personal responsibility finding own path.
5. To be non-conformist (and to not care how I am perceived by others if I go right way)
6. Perform the Commandments secretly rather - not in public, like in a show (great sin is to appear to be pious). Be honest.
7. The greatest enemy in the service is depression, the antidote is joy and passion. Be kind to others and open your heart.
8. Learning Torah and use of own intellect are crucial values.

Simcha Bunim Bonhart's Grave (Jewish Cemetery in Przysucha, Poland):

Synagogue in Przysucha, Poland: