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More than 3 million Jews lived in Poland in 1939.
The World War II did not survive about 91% of total Jewish population in Poland.
After 1945 most of those who survived emigrated from Poland...
Today in Poland live even less Jews than in Moldova...
This is why some people say: there are no Jews in Poland today...

Polish Jews history (from the earliest times till 1939)

Estimated Jewish population by country (graphic)

Simcha Bunim Bonhart (Bonhard) - Rabbi of Przysucha, lived and married in Bedzin (Bendzin, Bendsburg) - Hasidism

The First Partition of Poland in 1772
The Second Partition of Poland in 1793
The Third Partition of Poland in 1795
Poland during the years 1921-1939
Bedzin (Bendin, Bendzin, Bendsburg) district /powiat/ in 1926
Poland today