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e provide honest, caring service from persons, not machines and believing that the best and simplest rule is to treat our visitors as we would wish to be treated - with professionalism, respect, experience, enthusiasm and subject knowledge, We have conducted the hundreds of successful research projects and we are cooperating with many people in the world. Please feel free to ask your questions (click on the "order" icon or email directly to: ).

Translations click to order
Languages: Polish-English-Russian-Ukrainian-German.
Translation of the documents: certificates, handwritten letters, books, cards, etc.

Research click to order
Genealogy researchers; family/surnames/certificates/documents research; property records and land records - ownership; property back issues; cemeteries, synagogues, monuments research; Jewish places and town history; finding addresses; analysis of any related problems, on request access to the source of records (experience in many subjects). Regions possible to research: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, historical Prussia, and more on special request
(selected names click to see the names)
(towns list: open in a new window)

Books: rare, old, used, out-of-print and new
(in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Polish, Russian, etc.)
- newspapers published before the World War II and old postcards - we can find for you a book/newspaper/document
View example: the list of books World War II Polish Jews history.

Publishing your family information click to order
Make your family information available online and find family from the other parts of the world.
Please use this form if you want to add your genealogy data to website, it is easy to find using all internet search engines. You have also option to edit and delete your family information after sending email to us.

Photos, movies - from your towns and places click to order
You may have photos / movies of any place/town located in Poland (we can search also old photos from several European countries).

Jewish Heritage Travel click to order
If you need personal guide when you are visiting Poland and ancestral towns, Jewish cemeteries, synagogues, museums, remaining traces of Jewish culture, please write to us. The email is given below.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is very important to us. We respect your privacy. Any information given to us is kept confidential and is not released to outside parties without your consent. We do not rent, sell, loan email addresses that we got from you. If you have contacted us and provided information to use for servicing your request, we will keep this information secured on file to aid us in communicating with you further if requested. To protect your data in our computers we use encryption, special system of protection, and modern high security levels. .