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Polish towns -
Bedzin (Bendin, Bendzin, Bendsburg)

Map of Bedzin region (from 1910)

Arms of Bedzin

View of the town from the Bedzin Castle
(Jewish district was on the right side)

View of the town (from the Bedzin Castle to the east side)

The Orphanage building from where Jews were deported
to Auschwitz death camp (the building is located close
to the railway station, on the east side of the railway track)

Zawale street (Nadbrzezna street)
one of the three Jewish cemeteries was located
on the right side of the street, now it is destroyed
and there are no tombstones, there is a small park today

Place where the synagogue was situated - near the castle
(now there is a monument) ...night...

The castle at night

The Zaglebie Children's Theater

Town in the winter ...

Town in the winter ...

(photos of selected towns are low quality; to order high quality photos of those and other towns in Poland click here)